Reflection 2 – Digital identities and digital security

In week 2 the topic ‘Digital identities and digital security’ was presented to us, while also introducing us to skills that allow us to manage our own digital identity, and discussed how the rest of the world can view our digital footprint (Howell, 2012). This topic allowed me to see how much of my own identity is online, and it was quite confronting.

Firstly, knowing how to manage your own digital identity is important as a teacher, as everything about you that is available online can be viewed by anyone in the world and it will reflect on you in one way or another, sometimes without any option to explain ourselves (Howell, 2014). This topic offered to me a valuable YouTube video (MMU Library Services, 2013) that helped improve my skills on managing my own digital identity.

Secondly, as great as the digital world can be, it is also unsafe and as a teacher it is important to be aware of security issues that can be presented to you on the web (Howell, 2014). For a student, being informed as early as possible of the issues like scammers, and cyberbullying, is critical. Personally at a young age, I wish I had of known earlier, I did not know how to deal with these issues and fell for one another on occasion.

Although you have some control over what is already online, you have most control over what is put online to begin with, and as a teacher it is important to inform your students on the appropriate steps to take. As a student, I am still learning and developing these skills every day so when I am a teacher, I am able to modify my approach and make sure my students are aware of the importance of their digital identity and digital security.


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