Evaluation Matrix 1

Name of teaching resource


Weblink (if web based)


Who should this digital teaching resource be used with? (ie year/grade)

Grade 2

How should it be used? (e.g. individual, whole class)

This teaching resource is directed to both individual use and group environments.

Which subject or learning area would it be most appropriate to use in?

The subject my Pinterest board is directed towards is science.

Identify the strengths of this teaching resource

Teachers have access to a range of activities to assist their students learning and understanding, and help assist in introducing them to new topics. These activities range from individual students basic ‘cut and paste’ activities which also help develop their fine motor skills, to activities that involve a group of students working together to create something large. This teaching resource is basic, and is useful for teachers as it assists with lesson planning and creative projects.

Identify any weaknesses of this teaching resource

Firstly, one weakness is that some of the activities in the teaching resource require a range of different materials and tools to create, which may not be as easily accessible as others. Secondly, because a pin can take you back to the original website, it might be inconvenient if the website was modified or taken down for any reason.

Explain any ideas you may have for further use of this teaching resource

I would like to expand the pinboard and perhaps focus on individual aspects of the topic, while also allowing my students to collaborate on the pinboard, and pin their own findings that are relevant to the topic and they feel will assist their learning.


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